Welcome to Maribo High School (Gymnasium)

We are a young, vibrant high school with proud traditions of democracy, inclusiveness and a outlook on life that is characterized by kindness and respect.

Maribo Gymnasium offers Danish STX qualifications in various courses of study within natural sciences, languages, health sciences, social sciences and the creative fields. In addition, MG also offers a HF qualification.

The school also offers after-school activities where students can participate in voluntary sports, visual arts, writers’ workshops, or music.

In 2012, Maribo Gymnasium celebrated its 75th anniversary with a distinguished visit from both the Minister for Children and Education, the Mayor and former principals.

MG currently has 270 students divided into 12 classes.

Global Studies

For the coming school year 2024/25 Maribo Gymnasium are excited to announce that we are launching a new International Line – Global Studies– as part of the courses we offer.

Global Studies will be an additional study line with an international focus, as part of our current STX qualifications.  About 50% of subjects will be taught in English and 50% in Danish. The final exams will give access to Universities in Denmark as well as abroad.

Global Studies is aimed at students who have a global outlook and/or a wish to study abroad and/or engage in studies in Denmark, as well as students who want to considerably escalate their English levels.

The Global Studies program presents a unique opportunity for both Danish and international students to embark on a journey of cross-cultural exploration and personal growth. By delving into global issues while being part of a Danish Gymnasium, students from around the world will expand their horizons academically as well as culturally. The course’s blend of English and Danish instruction, its focus on global awareness, critical thinking, and cultural competence, all contribute to a holistic educational experience.

In today’s interconnected world, understanding global dynamics and cross-cultural interactions has become more important than ever before. Global Studies is a direction of study that not only offers valuable insights into international affairs, cultural diversity, and socio-economic issues but also fosters critical thinking and prepares students for a globalized future.

International Students: Global Studies is for those international students who want to maintain a foothold of studying in the English language (about 50 % of the course), whilst also improving their Danish and hereby opening up for even more future study opportunities in Denmark. At the same time they will also be able to use their Danish STX High School Diploma as an entry requirement to Universities abroad.

Here are a few advantages of choosing Global Studies:

Smooth Integration into Danish Society: Studying at a Danish Gymnasium as an international student provides a seamless transition into Danish society. Being part of a diverse classroom environment fosters connections with Danish peers and facilitates cultural exchange. This integration is crucial for gaining a deeper understanding of local customs, language, and traditions.

Language Proficiency and Cultural Competence: The blend of English and Danish instruction in the Global Studies program offers a unique opportunity for international students to enhance their language skills. Mastering English and Danish not only aids academic success but also helps students navigate daily life and communicate effectively within Denmark’s bilingual environment. Additionally, understanding Danish culture and social norms enables international students to form meaningful relationships and feel at home in their new surroundings.

Global Perspective with Local Context: International students enrolling in the Global Studies program benefit from a comprehensive curriculum that covers global issues while also exploring their implications in a Danish context. This dual approach not only fosters a broader understanding of world affairs but also encourages critical thinking about the role Denmark plays in the global arena.

Cultural Exchange and Networking: Interacting with Danish and fellow international students opens doors to lifelong friendships and valuable networking opportunities.

Preparation for International Careers: For international students aiming to pursue careers in Denmark or on the global stage, the Global Studies program equips them with a unique skill set. Cultural competence, global awareness, and multilingual communication are highly sought-after qualities in today’s interconnected job market, making graduates of this program well-prepared for the future.

Contributing to a Global Community: By immersing themselves in the Danish education system, international students also contribute to the cultural diversity of the country.

Course Outline:

Your education is made up of a number of subjects at either A, B or C level. You have C subjects for one year, B subjects for two years and A subjects for all three years.

Some subjects must be at a certain level, other subjects you can choose to raise a level and finally there are subjects you can choose as electives. Some subjects and their levels are determined by the field of study you choose.

There will also be a possibility to acquire further language skills in Danish through the language school and in Cambridge English at Maribo Gymnasium because the school is a Cambridge Preparation Centre.

Remember that you can always contact a study advisor (School and career guidance counsellor Louise Rye:  Lory@lolland.dk or 21776478) if you are in doubt about your choice of subject and field of study.

Program for Global Studies

Elective choices 

Creative electives (1g)

  • Art C
  • Drama C
  • Music C
Natural Sciences B (3g)

  • Biology B
  • Physics B
  • Geography B
Electives A

  • Mathematics A (en)
  • German A

Electives B

  • Biology B
  • Physics B
  • Sport/PE B
  • Geography B
  • Music B
  • Drama B
  • Art B
Electives C

  • Astronomy C
  • Art C
  • Drama C
  • Business Economics C
  • Philosophy C
  • Chemistry C
  • Latin C
  • Media Studies C
  • Music C
  • Psychology C (en)


  • A-subjects (3 years)
  • B-subjects (2 years)
  • C-Subjects (1 year, Sport C is an exception)

Press here and learn more about Global Studies i our leaflet

The subjects follow the Danish STX rules as laid down by the Danish Educational Department). In subjects with English as the language of instruction (indicated as en), the exam can be conducted in English – both the oral and the written exam.

For more information you can contact the following

  1. Maribo Gymnasium: Maribo.gymnasium@maribo-gym.dk or 54790479
  2. Book a meeting with one of our specialized advisers in Global Studies:

Michael Levy Bruus, MLB


Mobile: 50915184


Maria Fjord, MF

Lecturer in French, English and Spanish


Marie Nielsen, MN

Lecturer in English and History

3. School and career guidance counsellor Louise Rye:

Louise Rye

School and career guidence counsellor

Mobile: 21776478