Directions of study on the STX programme at Maribo Gymnasium

Upon entering a Danish Gymnasium all students normally take part in a general “grundforløb”. (Foundation Course)

In a Danish Gymnasium, the foundation course refers to the introductory phase of the education, which usually lasts for until 4th of November. This phase is designed to provide students with a broad foundation across various subjects before they specialize in specific study areas.

During the foundation course students typically engage in a range of subjects, including languages, mathematics, sciences, humanities, and social sciences. This period allows students to explore different fields of study and helps them make informed decisions about their future study paths.

The curriculum during the foundation course aims to develop students’ critical thinking skills, academic abilities, and general knowledge. It serves as a preparatory stage for the more specialized and focused study programs that follow.

Overall, the foundation course is an essential component of the Danish Gymnasium education system, providing students with a strong foundation for their further academic pursuits and personal development.

At MG, our international students, who have chosen Global Studies will also participate in the foundation course ensuring they have equal opportunities to integrate and thrive within our diverse cohort. This initial phase not only provides essential academic foundations but also fosters social connections vital for their inclusion in our close-knit community. Embracing international students into the foundation course aligns with the Danish government’s expectation of inclusivity across all Danish Gymnasiums.”

After the foundation course at GM, the student must choose a “studieretning” (Direction of Study) with study direction course. At MG there are at present 9 different directions, of which Global Studies is our newest and highlighted below.

Hovedområde Fag
1 Sundhedsvidenskab Biologi A og Kemi B
2 Sundhedsvidenskab Biologi A, Kemi B og Idræt B
3 Sprog Engelsk A, Spansk A og Tysk B
4 Sprog Engelsk A, Tysk A, Samfundsfag B
5 Naturvidenskab Matematik A, Fysik B og Kemi B
6 Kreativ/Musik Musik A og Engelsk A
7 Samfundsvidenskab Samfundsfag A og Engelsk A
8 Samfundsvidenskab Samfundsfag A og Matematik A
9 Global studies Engelsk A og Samfundsfag A (engelsk undervisning)


The study programs at MG provide direct access to all professional bachelor programs, and the vast majority of university programs.


Adgangskortet (admissionscard)

On the Ministry of Education’s website, you can check the “Admission Card” function of the Education Guide if you want to see what opportunities you have after choosing the study program. Remember to select “STX” and enter the subjects of the study program. You also need to enter a language subject – either French A, Spanish A, or German B/A.

You can also see which additional programs you will have access to if you take a subject at a higher level as an elective.


Registration for STX takes place via

Any questions can be directed to Maribo Gymnasium, phone: 54790479

We look forward to welcoming you to Maribo Gymnasium.