Application deadline is 1. marts on

Registration for our STX program (Danish Gymnasium) takes place via – go to Maribo Gymnasium and select STX.

Click here to read more about STX on Maribo Gymnasium

When filling out your application for STX, remember the following:

  • to choose a 2nd foreign language:

You must choose between German B, Spanish A, or French A.

  • to choose an artistic subject:

You must choose between visual arts, drama, or music.

For students applying directly after 9th grade or 10th grade

  • Your school assesses whether you are ready for education.
  • You submit the registration electronically to us via by March 1st.
  • You will receive a response about reserved space by the end of May.
  • You will receive final confirmation of admission before the summer vacation if you confirm your exam results.

Read more about how to apply for admission here

Admission Requirements for STX

You can be admitted to the 3-year education leading to the Danish general upper secondary school leaving examination (STX) directly after 9th or 10th grade if you meet the admission requirements.

To have the right to admission to the 3-year education leading to the general upper secondary school leaving examination (STX), you must fulfill the following:

  • have applied on time immediately after 9th or 10th grade
  • be assessed as educationally ready with a minimum average grade of 5.0 in all final subject grades
  • have received preparatory instruction in the second foreign language in grades 5-9 of primary school or preparatory instruction that meets those goals
  • have taken the compulsory tests of primary school according to the rules of the Primary School Act after 9th grade
  • have passed the primary school leaving examination
  • have confirmed the academic level (5.0) from the education readiness assessment in the compulsory tests of the primary school leaving examination. If you have not confirmed the academic level from the education readiness assessment, you are still entitled to admission if your average grade from the compulsory tests is at least 3.0. If you have at least 2.0 but less than 3.0 and complete a counselling interview with the head of the upper secondary school, you are also entitled to admission.

If you apply immediately after 10th grade, the following also applies: In 10th grade, you must have received instruction in Danish, English, and mathematics and taken either 9th or 10th grade tests in these subjects.

Read more about the assessment of educational readiness here (In Danish)

Read about admission requirements from 9th grade to upper secondary education here (In Danish)

See the timeline here

Entrance Exam

The Danish Ministry of Education and Quality sets the date for the entrance exams each year. There will be two entrance exams and one makeup exam held every year. The entrance exams are centrally administered tests prepared by the Ministry and assessed by examiners appointed by the Ministry.

Read more on the Ministry’s website Optagelsesprøven | Børne– og Undervisningsministeriet (