1. What happens if I can’t speak Danish that well?

We will have an individual assessment with each student and based on that see how we can best help the student attain the Danish levels they will need to succeed at MG. To this end we are as a minimum also offering additional Danish lessons in the upstart period of the programme. (During the Foundation course)


  1. What do I do if my English is not good?

Maribo Gymnasium will be offering Cambridge English classes, and for those in need, there will be additional focus at the start of the programme. (Foundation Course)


  1. What can I do with my STX exam?

The STX exam is equivalent to any other high school exam around the world. This means that you should be able to continue your future studying in Denmark or anywhere else in the world. With the Global Studies line it will give you access to more Bachelor programmes in Denmark, as many are taught in Danish.


  1. How much does Global Studies cost?

The programme is entirely free.


  1. What do I have to do to get in?

You should contact your UU vejleder, or Maribo Gymnasium directly to gain help with your application. We will look at applications on a first come first serve basis, and if there is a waitlist, we will contact you to let you know and discuss the options.


  1. Does the school offer a lot of extracurricular activities?

Maribo Gymnasium offers a number of extra curricular activities. In addition there will also be number of excursions included in the curriculum as well as part of the three years of gymnasium to help with bonding and inclusion to heighten the sense of belonging and well-being.